Kyoto Protocol
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----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2001 4:35 PM
Subject: I: Kyoto Protocol
Cari Amici,
        se siete d'accordo, inviate questo messaggio a ( e cc. e  diffondetelo per sommergere Bush sotto un diluvio di e-mail.
Ciao, Piera


Dear President Bush,

I call on you as President of the USA not to betray the Kyoto Protocol.

The United States must live up to its commitment to the UN negotiations to prevent global warming. Sabotaging the Kyoto Protocol puts the USA into a position of environmental isolationism and makes it responsible for climate catastrophe.

The US has one of the highest per capita CO2 emissions in the world. People around the world already faced with the first signs of climate change, suffering from floods and hurricanes, expect your country to be in the forefront of tackling climate change.

An enormous potential of creativity, innovation and efficiency is there to be harvested once we have decided to really reduce CO2 emissions. If you fail to reverse your decision to kill the Kyoto Protocol, future generations will not survive to forgive you.

President Bush, the science is clear and the international political will is there to tackle climate change. The US must join the world in fighting global warming!